Saturday 17th of June from 13:00 until midnight. Attention from 23:00 you’ll be refused entry if you don’t have a wristband yet!!!

Note that access to the festival ground can be refused or denied at all times. Clothes and/or other (visible) physical appearances, which express an explicit political, social movement or group, are forbidden.


You have to be born in 1999 and become 18 in 2017.

People born after 1999 are not allowed to enter the festival!

No exceptions are made, not even if you’re accompanied by an adult!!!


Lockers are provided at the entrance. You’ll pay a small fee.

ATTENTION! Be an early bird if you wish to use a locker. FULL = FULL.


It is strictly prohibited to urinate in public.

When caught urinating in public you run the risk of being removed from the festival grounds.

Only use the toilets foreseen on the festival grounds.


Photo devices/ Cameras: Digital photo cameras and/or video cameras are allowed on the grounds with the exception of (semi) professional equipment.

Our advice: make as many movies as possible and put loads onto YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, etc.!

Photo- and film recording: During the festival there will be photo and video recordings: when entering the festival grounds all visitors give their silent consent to the organisation to use and broadcast this footage.


During the festival a team of nurses & a doctor will be permanently present.

If you need to bring your medication to the festival, please make sure you have a medical letter with you to show at the entrance.

Exceptions are mentioned under FORBIDDEN OBJECTS.


There will be free earplugs available at the Bonzai merchandise shop.


Yes, there are forbidden objects, here’s a list: aerosol cans, glass, drugs, bazookas and affiliated stuff, sharp items, umbrellas, your own food and drinks, deodorant sprays, music players and speakers, sticks and all other objects that could be considered as a weapon.

Furthermore no animals are allowed.


You’re not allowed to distribute flyers or hang up posters at Legacy Festival.


The Legacy Festival site isn’t flat and located on the sand beach of Zilvermeer, meaning the location isn’t fully accessible to wheelchair users.

We have not provided specific areas for wheelchair users in front of the stages due to the nature of the location.


The Legacy Festival has been granted access to one of the most beautiful and important recreational places of the province of Antwerp: Zilvermeer in Mol.

Since it is an important holiday place also for families, the Legacy Festival wants to make sure it is kept clean and intact just the way we found it.

So please help us keep this wonderful place clean in order to leave a good impression at our hosts.

Let’s keep the Festival grounds clear of waste and use the garbage collecting points to deposit your garbage.

The collection points will be clearly indicated and can be found at the parking lots and festival grounds.


The organisation invests a great deal of effort and manpower to create the festival into a magical place. We ask of every festival-goer to show proper respect!

Tearing, breaking or any other form of destruction to the decoration or infrastructures will result in the removal from the festival.

Access will be denied for the remainder of the festival.


It is forbidden to use, deal and/or to be in possession of drugs on the festival grounds. If you are caught using and/or dealing drugs or if you are found in possession of drugs, you will be forced to leave the festival grounds.

We will keep a keen eye out to make sure that everyone follows to this rule.

This policy is rigorously enforced and in relevant cases means handing over to the Police.

Before entering the festival grounds it will be possible for you to dispose of any drugs you may have in special drug amnesty bins, without any further consequences.

Directions and instructions of the (security) personnel should be followed immediately. In case of suspicion or actual possession of illegal or dangerous weapons, security is authorised to stop you.


Article 1: People who enter the festival grounds must become acquainted with these rules and must accept and comply with the stipulations.

Article 2: Every person at the entrance to the festival grounds must have either a valid admission ticket or special permission pass granted by the organiser.

Counterfeiting of admission tickets or any other special permission pass to enter the grounds will be prosecuted.

The organisation retains the right to deny access to new visitors, those without a festival wristband or with a valid admission ticket or special permission pass from the organiser, as of 11 PM.

Holders of an admission ticket or special permission pass granted by the organiser enter the festival grounds at their own risk; the organiser is not responsible for theft or accidents.

Article 3: Access to the festival grounds is prohibited or refused to people:

– who are clearly under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other stimulants;

– who have already been banned from the festival grounds. The ban can be issued either by the organiser or administrative or legal authorities;

– who show improper behaviour with the intention of disturbing the peace or provoke others by inciting hate, anger, punches, injuries, etc.;

– who resist checks and unsystematic pat downs by stewards and the festival’s security agents;

– who resist handing over objects that are considered dangerous or are forbidden (see articles 4 and 5) by the festival’s security agents;

– who act contrary to the stipulations of one or more articles of these rules.

Article 4: Every holder of an admission ticket or special permission pass who wants to enter the festival grounds must allow their admission ticket or their special permission pass to be checked. Entering the festival grounds implies a possible pat down.

Stewards can ask same-sex holders of an admission ticket or special permission pass to undergo a voluntary pat down of clothing and baggage, in order to detect items whose presence on the festival grounds could disturb the festival, endanger the safety of other visitors, and disturb the peace. Stewards can ask visitors to surrender such items.

Security agents are allowed to frisk or pat down visitors every time they enter the festival grounds, even those with a festival wristband.

Article 5: Holders of an admission ticket, a special permission pass, a festival wristband who are at the entrance of the festival grounds and those already on the festival grounds are not allowed to bring in, have brought in or possess the following items:

– own food or beverages, bottles, glass, cans, drugs or stimulants, etc.;

– deodorant or perfume in large bottles or aerosol cans (cosmetics products in normal shape and size are permitted);

– any apparatus (umbrella, parasol, tripod for film or photo cameras, cane) that the security personnel at the entrance regards as dangerous for other festival visitors can be refused;

– projectiles or explosives in solid, liquid or gaseous states;

– inflammable products or materials;

– pyrotechnic objects like Bengal fire, etc.;

– any weapon or dangerous, sharp or bruising object that can be used to cause injury (sticks, chains, weapons for beating, stabbing or thrusting);

– anything that can be used to disturb the peace, endanger the security of the crowd and/or cause damage to property and people; Animals are not allowed on the festival grounds.

Article 6: Holders of an admission ticket or special permission pass, a festival wristband on the festival grounds are strictly forbidden:

– to enter the no access parts of the grounds in accordance with the wristband, admission ticket, or special permission pass, for example the production rooms, artist loges, neutral zones, press offices, offices, backstage areas, etc.;

– to climb on tents, constructions, fences, enclosures, lampposts, tables, benches or any other infrastructure on the grounds;

– to hinder the entrances, exits and evacuation roads or to stay in these places longer than is strictly necessary for entering or leaving the grounds;

– to disguise themselves or refuse to make themselves recognisable;

– to disturb the peace or endanger the safety of the audience;

– to sell beverages, food or any other product without the explicit permission of the organiser;

– to throw any object or liquid or any other product in a liquid or gaseous state;

– to smoke in zones where smoking is forbidden;

– to urinate in public.

Article 7: Texts, symbols, images, gestures and improper remarks that give cause for racism, xenophobia, provocation and discrimination of any kind are strictly forbidden on the festival grounds.

Article 8: Visitors must follow the guidelines of the organiser or people appointed by the organiser at all times on the festival grounds. If they do not obey the guidelines they can be removed from the grounds. If necessary, the organiser will call the police.

Visitors that have been removed from the grounds for one of the above mentioned reasons will be refused entry to the festival for the rest of the festival. Even if they obtain a new and valid admission ticket or special permission pass, they can still be refused entry or can be removed from the grounds by security agents.

If the organiser refuses to allow entry to the festival to someone for safety reasons or for one of the above mentioned reasons then the organiser can take away the admission ticket of that person for the same reasons and refuse future entry to prevent the person from entering the festival grounds. If the organiser has the person removed from the grounds for these reasons then the organiser is not required to refund the admission ticket.

Article 9: For security reasons the organiser has the right to:

– cut short or stop the festival;

– keep the audience on the grounds temporarily at the end of the festival;

– partially or completely evacuate the festival grounds;

– refuse entry to the festival grounds despite being in possession of a valid admission ticket.

The organiser can be forced to change the programme or the timetable of the festival. In that case the admission ticket remains valid and cannot be exchanged or refunded.

Article 10: With reference to the Law of 8 December 1992 regarding the “Protection of privacy related to the processing of personal data, modified by the Law of 11 December 1998 implementing Directive 95/46/EC of 24 October 1995 of the European Parliament and European Council regarding the protection of natural persons in connection with the processing of personal data and regarding the free movement of that data” festival visitors are informed that the organiser collects and processes data in a computer-based file for security reasons. This law regulates the processing of personal details and the right to inspection. The personal details received when purchasing the admission ticket can be used by the organiser for promotional purposes. All personal data in these files are in conformity with the regulations of the Law of 8/12/1992 regarding the protection of privacy.

Every person that enters the festival grounds agrees that he/she can be photographed and filmed and that the images can be recorded and stored. These photos or film images can be used by the organiser to promote the festival. The recording and storage of these images by the police and/or the organiser also occurs in order to ensure the enforcement of safety and compliance with these rules on the festival grounds.

These images are processed in order to prevent and detect offences and infringements of the rules, and to enable sanctions through the identification of offenders.

Photos or films that are taken or made by festival visitors cannot be used for commercial or public purposes except with written permission from the organiser.